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In/Out Service

Boat Launch - Boat Trailer

$300.00 on the 1st of each month

In/Out Service

Have a vehicle that you need intermittent access to but want to store in our heated, secure facility?  Adelaide Pointe provides in/out storage for vehicles up to 45’ for only $300 / month!  Simply park your vehicle in our parking and we’ll put it away safe and sound!  Need it back?  Give us a call and we’ll have it back in the parking lot within 4 business hours!

Additional Options

Concierge: (+$250 / month)
Don’t want to hassle with hooking up your trailer? We’ll put your boat in the water for you! When you’re done just tie it up and we’ll put it back on the trailer!

Cleaning Service: (+$250 / month)
Want your boat cleaned inside and out when it’s put away? We’ll wash it down and wipe down the interior so that it’s clean and ready to go next time you’re ready! Recommended in conjunction with our concierge service!


Call us at 231-726-2957 to learn more!