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People of Adelaide Pointe

Adelaide Pointe’s management and investment team is comprised of the following individuals:

Ryan Leestma - Owner

Ryan has 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and has previously enjoyed successes in technology, renewable energy, and real estate management. Ryan was recognized as one of West Michigan’s Entrepreneurs of the Year and was most recently awarded “Newsmaker of the Year” by the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

Dr. Emily Leestma - Owner

Emily is responsible for working with Adelaide Pointe’s architects and community partners to design Adelaide Pointe’s development of parks, condos, apartments, and commercial uses.  

Aubrey Glick - Marketing Manager

Aubrey has a degree in advertising and public relations and specializes in social media management. Utilizing several different communication platforms she is able to market Adelaide Pointe and raise awareness. 

Kaylee Stressman - Harbormaster

Kaylee has experience being the Harbormaster at Hartshorn Municipal Marina. She is utilizing her skills for the Adelaide Pointe wet and dry marina, and Adelaide Landing Marina on Drummond Island. Her knowledge and motivation make her a vital part of a successful operation.