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Where Should I Store My Boat / Vehicle?

It’s been another day on the lake, but it is time to go home until the next time. You are asking yourself where to store your boat and you are not sure. There are many things to think about with the different storage options out there. Here are some of the pros and cons of storing with a boat storage facility or at home.

Commonly Used Terms

Wet Storage: When a boat is stored in the water
Dry Boat Storage: When a boat is stored on land. This can be on blocks, a trailer, etc

Indoor Storage: Storing your boat inside of an enclosed building

Outdoor Storage: Storing your boat outside, usually with a boat cover; sometimes has partial covering

Vehicle Storage at Home

Dry Indoor Storage at Home

This is the least expensive option for protecting and storing your boat. If you have a shed or a garage, it will be protected from Michigan winters, thieves, and animals. It does not cost any extra money, compared to a boat storage facility, and you can monitor your boat while at home.

Dry Outdoor Storage at Home

This is an option if you do not have the space inside to store your boat. You can continue to monitor your boat all of the time and it is close by if you want to take it out for the day. However, if it is wintertime you will have to winterize your boat first. You will also need to consider if your HOA will allow you store a boat on your property. This option does not offer as much protection from animals, thieves, and inclement weather compared to indoor storage options. Once winter is over, you will have to de-winterize the boat before you can take it out for the first time.

Vehicle Storage Facility

Dry Indoor Storage

Many people do not have the space to store their boats at home. Instead, store your boat at Adelaide Pointe and let our team handle your boat storage needs. Our facility offers secure heated indoor storage, depending on your boating needs. We also have 24/7 video surveillance at the facility to help keep your boat secure.

Wet Outdoor Storage

If you want a boat that is ready to use anytime, then wet boat storage at a marina might be for you. This means it is already in the water and ready for whatever you plan for the day. Perhaps you want to take it out for a quick ride around the lake, clean it for a while, or just sunbathe on the boat deck.

If you value convenience and do not want to have to launch the boat every-time, then we recommend our marina slips (Available starting in 2023, reserve yours now!).